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About Us
Funan Hydraulic Industry Co., Ltd. the professional manufacturer of hydraulic products in Taiwan, in 1979, has been three decades of history, courtesy of all walks of life support and care, Bi Gongsi be a solid foundation for sustainable development. To further refinement, seeking good, and our ongoing efforts to actively introduce and cultivate expertise to increase productivity, stability, quality and increased service levels. We specialize in the production of variable displacement vane pump ,fixed displacement vane pumps, variable displacement piston pumps, gear pumps, high-mix low-voltage double-pump, chemical (PU) metering pump and sale of Europe , the United States, Japan, Taiwan, hydraulic equipments, price rationalization, fast delivery, in order to enhance market competitiveness. Hope you can continue to support, we will make every effort to meet, so that our innovative technology to solve your hydraulic power requirements. 


  Corporation:FURNAN Hydraulics Industrial Co., LTD TAIWAN,
Address:No.18, Tung Kuang 8 Street, Taichung, Taiwan   TEL:886-4-22346066   FAX:886-4-22371334
China Office:FURNAN Hydraulics Office CHINA   TEL:86-757-82120856,13929951341   FAX:86-757-82120856